Yuriko Kōgami (鴻上 百合子 Kōgami Yuriko) is a high school girl who ends up meeting Shōtarō Tatewaki by means of an incident where a cat got ran over by a car. She offered to help Shōtarō bury the cat when others hesitated to do so. When Shōtarō didn't knew her name, Haruto Imai (Shōtarō's friend) spoke for her although he didn't look too happy to volunteer. She is in the class next to Shōtarō and Haruto. Yuriko and Haruto are both are in the tennis club.

Yuriko often bumps into Shōtarō and Sakurako when they are on cases. She also sees them if she needs their help with a situation or case. Yuriko used to volunteer at a children's center. She also had a grandmother who died because of accidentally falling off the edge of a hill. She loved her grandmother dearly.

Personality Edit

Yuriko is a sweet, caring and pleasant young lady to be around who considers others' feeling ahead of own. She cares for lives of others and wants to do whatever she can to protect them especially those she cares about. Yuriko loves to volunteer to help others no matter who they are or their age. She is highly loyal towards her family and friends. She would never betray their trust. She hates disloyalty. For example, Yuriko and Chika and Mana (Yuriko's two friends) were going to the festival. They later got separated due to Yuriko finding a letter leading into a situation. Later, she finds one of her friends Chika but she was not happy when she saw her. When Chika was with Mana's boyfriend, Yuriko was upset and didn't want Chika to notice that she was coming towards her. Yuriko even supported Mana by agreeing to get shaved iced with her.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Yuriko means "lily" (百合) (yuri) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Yuriko's surname Kōgami means "small" (小) (ko) and "mirror" (gami).


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